Rumored Xiaomi smartwatch could be announced as soon as this week

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Rumors about a supposed Xiaomi smartwatch have been floating around the internet for a couple of years now without anything ever substantiating from them. This time around, however, there might actually be some substance to the rumor.

The Chinese company has been dabbling in smartbands for quite some time, and over the last couple of years have released three incarnations of its Mi Band as well as a specialized version for kids. This latest rumor suggests that, in the upcoming August 25th conference Xiaomi will be hosting, the company will finally announce an actual smartwatch - in the typical sense of the word - to add to their product lineup.

Supposed sketch of a possible Xiaomi smartwatch

Not much information has been given just yet, with the main piece of information being that the device will be fairly different from the Apple Watch. The price being thrown around for the Xiaomi smartwatch is ¥999 or just a little over $150 but a comment from someone who is reportedly the "Chinese Mobile Phone League Secretary General" suggests it may be a fair bit pricier than that. Regardless, international buyers should be made aware that this price will likely go up once international resellers add their 30% or so tax to the price tag.

We'll find out whether or not this rumor will manifest in the coming week or so. If it does take hold, it will be interesting to see how rival companies react to Xiaomi's entry into the smartwatch market.

Source: GizmoChina

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