Rumour: Metroid 2 and Wind Waker 2 At E3?

A Nintendo insider has apparently leaked the news that the sequels to two of last years' biggest games will be on show at the pre-E3 conference. Metroid 2 (tentative title) and the sequel to last years' Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker will be available to view for those lucky enough to be allowed into Nintendos' meeting prior to the show.

While these rumours are unconfirmed, it would seem to make sense for Nintendo to show these two titles at the show. With the potential absence of the mysterious "Mario 128", Nintendo will want to have a strong a showing as is possible. Although it has to be said that most of the attention focused on Nintendo at E3 will be founded on the mystery surrounding the new Nintendo DS.

If these two titles are to be shown at the worlds' largest video game Exposition, it would tie in well with Nintendos' strategy of faster development times on new games and faster turnaround on their respective sequels. We will watch and wait.

News source: GameCube Europe

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