Rumour: Nokia Windows Phone devices launching October 26th?

It has been speculated by several news websites that Nokia may be planning to unveil their new set of Windows Phone devices on October 26th. Earlier today the company announced the date of its usual annual world conference which would be a two date event from the 26th to the 27th held in London.

While this isn't confirmed, companies often use conferences such as this to launch products since they guarantee a certain level of publicity; it would not be surprising to see Nokia take hold of this opportunity. According to WPCentral, Nokia have previously shown a history of major announcements about their products at the conference, therefore strengthening the reasoning behind this rumour. We already know that the mobile company is planning to launch their new set of devices in the last few months of this year, therefore adding logic to the speculation. In doing so the company has strategically placed the devices at the forefront of the biggest time of the consumer shopping year, Christmas.

Nokia has a lot of its assets riding on the success of its launch of Windows Phone devices; the company will be trying to ensure that they are publicised as much as possible. If the phone manufacturer cannot make headway then it may mean a very different Nokia in the future and will prove the analysts wrong that predicted that Microsoft's platform will grow beyond iOS by 2015.

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