Rumour: VoIP calls coming to Facebook


Earlier today something caught the eye of a Facebook user that would be sure to turn anyone’s head. It was a curious new little button that could be a result of the deal which Facebook made with Skype last year.

The image which was provided by an anonymous user to AroundThe, shows a “Call” option next to the usual Chat, Send message and Poke buttons. The site also reported that they had been contacted by a member who had the same feature appear, however when he pressed the button it was reported to have said “Calling” next to his friend and the call later failed. In a short period of time later the button disappeared.

When questioned about whether the company was in the process of creating a mobile phone, the company was quick to announce the rumors were in fact false. However the idea of implementing Skype into the popular social network seems likely. The question remains, how well will the system work. The current Facebook chat system has a large amount of issues that users have been sure to voice their opinion about, it brings questions as to whether the Call system will come with a similar issue. 

Image credit: Engadget

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