SAD Team flatly denies XP key generator

I received an email yesterday from STiCKpIN who has put out a press release from the "Sad Team" to quosh earlier reports that they had released a key generator for XP products effectively breaking WPA (or Windows Product Activation) now while its mostly in the interest to take credit for such a mistake made on the part of and then Neowin for naming them to a release or "crack" that breaks WPA these guys have made it crystal clear that they don't want anything to do with it.

So its official, the keygenerator was not made by SAD TEAM but appears to be by a group called "TheBlueList" of whom I have never heard of and does that matter? nah.

The press release is below:


Hi! I Really dont know what to say about latest news on the Internet. That was run by german site, about a valid key generator for Microsoft Activation Products. I must stress, that is NOT OUR group release, we never did this. I got this file too, called, and found NFO inside called TheBlueList.nfo, the first reason, if it was our release, then there is a SAD.NFO inside... So i have no idea, where this came from. I really dont wanna get raped by Microsoft, WindowsXP, Visio and OfficeXP team.

They do however take credit for the crack method of Windows XP (that breaks WPA, not validates it as the keygen supposedly does) and stress that even though they made the crack you are NOT ALLOWED TO USE IT. So there, now you know.

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