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Samsung accuses LG executives of "deliberately destroying" its washing machines

We're all too accustomed to hearing of the latest disagreements between Samsung and Apple, but this time around, Samsung has picked a beef with fellow Korean tech giant LG. But unlike its battles with Apple, this one isn't about who copied who, or patent disagreements. 

Instead, Samsung has made extraordinary allegations against senior executives from LG, accusing them of having vandalised its washing machines at stores in Berlin, in the build-up to the massive IFA consumer electronics trade show earlier this month, at which Samsung unveiled many devices. 

The company has demanded that Korean prosecutors begin an investigation into the alleged actions of the LG executives that it has accused. In a statement to Sky News, it said that "the people in question have been implicated in deliberately destroying Samsung washing machines at retail stores in Berlin, Germany."

The statement continued: "It is very unfortunate that Samsung had to request that a high-ranking executive be investigated by the nation's legal authorities," adding that it "had to get to the bottom of this incident."

For its part, LG has already admitted that some of its employees had accidentally damaged some of Samsung's machines at a Berlin store, insisting that the damage was not intentional, and was part of routine market research that it carries out on its competitors' products. 

However, while LG paid for the damage - after the police became involved - the company wasn't exactly apologetic about the incident, claiming that the only reason that the machines became damaged was because the quality of their hinges was "weak". Samsung, naturally, denies this allegation. 

Among the executives accused by Samsung is the head of LG's home appliances division, Jo Seong-jin. 

Source: Sky News | Original gavel image via Brian Turner / Flickr 

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