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Windows 9: Wi-Fi Sense jumps to the desktop, too

Thanks to the leak of a build of Windows 9, we have seen all sorts of information surface about features that are coming to the platform. Everything from Windows Phone features such as Cortana and the notification center to new ones such as virtual desktops. To no surprise, another Windows Phone feature will also be making its way to Windows 9: Wi-Fi Sense.

The feature, spotted in a leaked build of the operating system, makes it easy to automatically sign into public Wi-Fi spots by remembering the credentials and automatically entering them for future visits.

For example, if a user goes to a Wi-Fi hotspot regularly, this feature will let him or her to save login and password information. This will enable the user to sign in automatically the next time the device "senses" that the Wi-Fi hotspot is available. 

Wi-Fi Sense also includes a feature where users can actually share their hotspot connection information with others via their Outlook.com, Skype and Facebook contacts. So if a group of friends gather at the same hotspot, one person can simply send that login and account info to a friend's without the others having to type it in manually.

It's not hard to see how this feature will be incredibly useful, as we fully expect Microsoft be able to sync these settings from phone to your laptop, too.

It's a simple idea, but when implemented properly, it will make your life a lot easier, as you wont need to remember or enter those pesky passwords every time you buy a new device.

Source: WinFuture

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