Samsung and Microsoft work to speed up SSDs

A few weeks ago SanDisk slated Windows Vista for not being optimized for SSD (Solid State Drive) storage hardware.

"As soon as you get into Vista applications in notebook and desktop, you start running into very demanding applications because Vista is not optimized for flash memory solid-state disk". Said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eli Harari

SandDisk's solution is to develop a new controller technology which will overcome these limitations but could take upto a year to reach the market.

Now according to PCworld Samsung has been in talks with Microsoft to increase the performance of SSDs using Vista and other MS OSes.

The speed and way in which SSDs fetch and cache data are different than hard drives, said Michael Wang, flash marketing manager at Sun.

Standard magnetic hard drives have a 512kb cluster size where as SSDs only have a 4kb cluster size. Samsung hopes to work with Microsoft to boost SSD performance on Windows by discovering optimal packet sizes for data transfers and the best ways to read and write files, for example.

SSDs have been hailed as the future storage medium for PC's and internet connected devices, citing speed, power use and durability.

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