Samsung dominated as manufacturers shipped a total of 360 million smartphones last quarter

Smartphone shipments have increased a modest 6% during the second quarter of 2017, according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics. According to the firm, Samsung and Apple took the first and second spot respectively, while Huawei managed to take third place, thanks to strong sales of its devices, but Xiaomi is hot on its heels after a surge in shipments.

According to the firm, Samsung shipped an estimated 79.5 million smartphones, thanks to the success of the Galaxy S8. The company managed to grab a significant 22.1% share in the smartphone market. With that, Samsung is readying the launch of its Note8 smartphone which will launch later this month, pointing to the possibility that the company could widen the gap between it and its rivals even further. The success of the S8 helped Samsung significantly after the disastrous launch of the Note7, which saw several devices spontaneously combust, forcing it to recall the device.

Apple, on the other hand, managed to ship 41 million iPhones during the quarter. The company recently announced its financial results, showing healthy profits being generated from its smartphone business, which accounted for 54.7% of its total revenue. Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone offerings as well later this year, and rumors have pointed to at least one editionlaunching with a retail price above $1000.

Global Smartphone Vendor Shipments (Millions of Units) Q2 '16 Q2 '17
Samsung 77.6 79.5
Apple 40.4 41.0
Huawei 32.0 38.4
Oppo 18.0 29.5
Xiaomi 14.7 23.2
Others 158.8 148.8
Total 341.5 360.4

Global Smartphone Vendor Marketshare (%) Q2 '16 Q2 '17
Samsung 22.7% 22.1%
Apple 11.8% 11.4%
Huawei 9.4% 10.7%
Oppo 5.3% 8.2%
Xiaomi 4.3% 6.4%
Others 46.5% 41.3%
Total 100.0% 100.%
Total Growth Year-over-Year 1.0% 5.5%

Huawei has continued its constant march towards the top of the scale after it was estimated that the company shipped 38.4 million smartphones during the quarter. This is mostly thanks to the success of it's Mate9 and most recently, the P10 flagship phones. OPPO, another Chinese smartphone giant grabbed the fourth spot with 29.5 million smartphone shipments. Xiaomi has seen a massive jump in sales during the quarter seeing its shipments skyrocket from 14.7 million to 23.2 million units during the three months ending June.

In total, all smartphone shipments rose from 341 million to an estimated 360 million; thanks to the steady upgrade cycle from Western Europe and Africa, according to the research firm.

Source and Image: Strategy Analytics

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