SanDisk reveals new USB 3.1 flash drives with dual Type-A and Type-C connectors

As time progresses, it's unsurprising that we are seeing an increasing number of devices featuring the reversible USB Type-C port. Most recently, the latest HP Spectre laptop crams in three such ports all of which can be used to power and recharge the device, while two of the ports also support Thunderbolt 3.

Unfortunately, the industry is still in a period of transition with a myriad of devices still sporting the original non-reversible USB Type-A port or connector. This has led to situations where devices end up being physically incompatible with each other despite being compatible with each other at the USB protocol level.

In order to address this problem with flash drives, SanDisk has unveiled its new Ultra Dual Drive range which include both a Type-A connector suitable for most computers as well as a Type-C connector for smartphones and tablets. To pop out the desired connector, you simply have to slide the notch to the corresponding side and slide it back to the middle to retract it safely within the housing.

These flash drives also feature USB 3.1 support, enabling them to achieve read speeds of up to 150MB/s on all but the lowest capacity model which still manages up to a respectable 130MB/s.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive is available in 16GB ($19.99), 32GB ($29.99), 64GB ($39.99) and 128GB ($69.99) capacities. While these are the respective prices as provided by Western Digital, you will be able to find these flash drives cheaper over at Amazon.

SanDisk's announcement comes four months after Sony revealed similar flash featuring dual connectors with its range topping out at 64GB.

Source and image: Android Police

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