SCO seeks more code from IBM

After reviewing Unix source code provided by IBM Corp., The SCO Group Inc. appears to be experiencing difficulties in identifying the specific lines of code that it alleges IBM improperly contributed to the Linux operating system, according to court documents filed in a federal court last week. In the filings, SCO asks the court to order IBM to produce more materials documenting the development of its AIX and Dynix operating systems, and argue that the files that IBM has produced to date are "incomplete."

In March, the United States District Court for the District of Utah ordered IBM to provide SCO with source code to the two operating systems. SCO now claims that "the files previously produced by IBM pursuant to this Court's March Order show that IBM improperly contributed code to Linux," according to court filings dated May 28. SCO's filings provide few details on the nature of these "improper" contributions, however. When contacted Thursday, SCO spokesman Blake Stowell declined to say where, specifically, they had occurred.

News source: InfoWorld

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