Sea of Thieves Season Six introduces Sea Forts to take over

Sea of Thieves Season 6 promo art

The first new content season of 2022 for Sea of Thieves landed today, offering pirates a new type of challenge to tackle and take over, and sets the stage for the next narrative events plus Pirate Legend-exclusive voyages that are coming soon. The start of Season Six means the previously announced Arena closure is now in effect too, with The Sea Dogs trading company leaving the game.

The new Sea Forts offer players a shorter gameplay loop compared to other voyages available. Six unique Spanish naval Sea Forts are available with the update, and they are filled with phantoms to defeat, hidden loot, and a treasury filled with valuables. Once conquered, a Sea Fort can become a temporary base for pirate crews thanks to their resources, stocked cooking areas, map room, and other facilities.

Coming later during the season are new Pirate Legend voyages. In addition to taking players through "haunted islands, shipwreck graveyards and Ancient memories" with plenty of battles in between, these will offer advanced treasure maps to decipher, including ones with fake clues, detecting islands based on images, and more.

Also coming soon are the next story Adventure and Mystery narrative events, continuing the storyline that began with Shrouded Islands in Feburary. As previously revealed, Rare plans to have three story Adventures and one Mystery per season.

Of course, a new free battle pass featuring plenty of cosmetic rewards, a fresh Plunder Pass with premium items, bug fixes, and balance changes are also included with the Season Six update. Find the full change log for update 2.5.0 here. It weighs around 10GB across PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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