Sega development studios return to the fold

Sega's most visible sign to re-integrate its development subsidiaries back into the main company has come in the form of the closure of the studios' individual website, which as happened this week. Both Hitmaker and Amusement Vision are planning to shut down their websites on July 1st. July 1st is alo the date that the re-integration of the companies is meant to take place, while most other Sega studious will be removing things like personal columns, diaries and so on.

It is not clear how the company plans to use the studios' identities going forward. Many of the Sega development studious - particularly Hitmaker and Amusement Vison, but to a lesser extent some of the other studious as well. So far Sega has given no hints that their identities will be entirely subsumed by the re-merger, but the closing down of the websites suggests that could indeed happen. More information on the future of Sega will be announced soon as Sega owners will reveal more tomorrow in Japan.

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