Show Mode enables Fire HD tablets to essentially become Echo Show devices

Amazon has introduced a new hands-free feature to its Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets called Show Mode, which lets users see trending news, check the weather, or view camera feeds via Alexa, among other tasks.

Amazon already added support for Alexa to its entire Fire tablet lineup in 2016, and the Show Mode feature is supposed to turn those tablets into an Echo Show, essentially an Echo device with a screen unveiled in May last year. The new feature will be rolled out to the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets via an over-the-air update on July 2.

The online retail giant also announced the Show Mode Charging Dock designed to prop up a Fire tablet and automatically turn on Show Mode once the device is placed on the dock. The charging dock will start shipping on July 12 and will cost $39.99 for the Fire HD 8 and $54.99 for the Fire HD 10.

Those are the regular prices, though. The charging dock can now be pre-ordered for $34.99 for the Fire HD 8 and $49.99 for the Fire HD 10 as part of Amazon's promotional offer. It can also come bundled with a Fire HD 8 tablet for $109.98 or with a Fire HD 10 tablet for $189.98. ​These offers and added functionality may be of interest to those who already own a Fire HD tablet, or were looking to buy one, and didn't want to fork out another $230 to have a dedicated Echo Show device.

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