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Skype for Linux Alpha gets updated to 1.15, adds autostart and start minimized features

The Skype for Linux Alpha has been updated to include a few different features and has had several bug fixes. While features like screen sharing or even renaming contacts are still missing, development on the alpha is continuing ahead and more features are being added fairly often.

The latest release now includes the ability to configure launching the app at login from within the app itself. Previously you would have gone through and needed to configure this from elsewhere within your GNU/Linux machine. Complementing this is the ability to launch minimized, where Skype for Linux would launch in the background and not hijack your screen on opening.

Another feature included in this release is a slightly more polished context menu when you right click on the message input area.

The full changelog can be read below:

  • Updated to Electron 1.4.10
  • Enabled context menu with copy/paste commands in the message input area
  • Added the option to autostart (Tools->Launch at Login)
  • Added the option to launch minimized (Tools->Launch Minimized)
  • Many smaller improvements and bugfixes

The Skype for Linux Alpha has slowly become more usable after introducing things like the ability for group chats as well as a slew of bug fixes across the board. If you'd like to give feedback or make feature requests from the Skype for Linux team, click on the source link below.

Source: Skype for Linux

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