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Snapchat's source code was apparently available for months before it was removed from GitHub

Apparently, the source code for the Snapchat app was posted to GitHub, prompting the company to take action and have it removed. It is presently unknown who was the poster of the source code, but their GitHub handle is "i5xx" which is attached to the name "Khaled Alshehri".

Naturally, there is no way to verify whether this name is true or a pseudonym, but the folks at Snapchat are most likely taking steps to locate the source. The description for the repository was named "Source Code for SnapChat" and was written in Apple’s Objective-C, and while the contents can't be verified at this point, it could indicate that the source code might have been for the iOS variant of the app.

While there is sometimes malicious intent behind these public airings, that doesn't seem to be the case in this instance. An alleged Twitter account belonging to i5xx, explains that a previous contact attempt was made, regarding a bug, but it was unsuccessful. Because of this, the user posted the source code to GitHub. The user also makes it clear that if they don't receive a response, they will post the source code once again.

Although the repository was recently taken down because Snap Inc. issued a DMCA takedown request, it appears that the content could have been available for quite some time, with an estimated time frame that could have it originally being posted sometime in May. While it's unclear what will happen now, this probably won't be the last time we are hearing about this incident.

Source: The Next Web

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