Some iPhone 4S owners reporting SIM card problems

Some iPhone 4S users have already had to deal with batteries that drain far faster than normal. Now a new group of owners of Apple's smartphone have perhaps discovered yet another issue with the device. reports that some iPhone 4S owners have posted up messages on Apple's support forums claiming that the smartphone no longer recognizes the SIM card inside.

Apparently at some point the phone displays error messages stating that their SIM card is invalid or even that they have no SIM card inside the phone at all. Some of the reports have users rebooting their phones to solve this problem but it looks like for most of the people who have reported this issue, the iPhone 4S just doesn't seem to "feel" the SIM card inside it.

This newest issue doesn't appear to be related to the owner's wireless carrier as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint customers have all experienced it. It's not clear if this might be a hardware fault or a software bug, either. It's also possible that some people just got an iPhone 4S with a faulty SIM card. Regardless, the best advice for people experiencing this latest issue is simply going to your wireless provider and getting an all new SIM card.

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