Some Xbox One demos at E3 2013 ran on Windows 7 NVIDIA PCs

AMD is the co-designer of Microsoft's system-on-a-chip hardware inside the Xbox One console. However, when it came to showing off upcoming Xbox One games at E3 2013, it looks like Microsoft had PCs running those demos with hardware provided by another company.

The first word of this came from long time game journalist Julian Rignall, who posted word on Twitter on something that happened when he played an Xbox One game at E3 this week.

While it's not a surprise to learn that the Xbox One game demos at E3 ran on PCs, an image posted on the NeoGAF message boards seems to show that those rigs had graphics cards made by AMD's biggest GPU rival, NVIDIA.

We do have to wonder why Microsoft decided to pick NVIDIA cards for its Xbox One E3 PC demo rigs, rather than AMD's Radeon graphics cards. Also, Microsoft used the older Windows 7 OS, rather than the current Windows 8, which is supposed to offer better performance even with older PCs.

Source: Julian Rignall on Twitter via Softpedia | Image via NeoGAF

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