Sony and Panasonic partnering to create next-gen optical disk, with 300GB+ storage

Many of us have ditched out CD-ROMs and DVD players in favour of the cloud, or at least memory sticks and cards, but Sony and Panasonic want to change that.

The two companies announced earlier today that they’re partnering up to create the next generation of optical disks. And these won’t be your granddad’s CDs either. The two companies are looking at creating high capacity disks with minimum 300GB of storage.

The optical disk has some very nice advantages when it comes to long term memory storage, being resistant to both water and dust, and highly resilient if kept in a proper case. These attributes make a high-density optical disk a very good choice when it comes to backing up large amounts of data.

While these disks are designed for professional products and companies, we may eventually see them trickle down to regular consumers. Sony and Panasonic said they’re aiming for a 2015 launch for the new optical disk format.

Source: Sony | Padlocked DVD image courtesy of Shutterstock

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