Sony Ericsson working on 4.7” 3D Android phone?

The line between phone and tablet continues to blur with the increase in display sizes on mobile devices. As handsets get thinner and more portable, screens are getting larger with many new smartphones sporting screens larger than four inches. For many buyers, it seems, bigger is better when it comes to how much screen their greasy fingers are able to paw at.

If you’re of the same opinion, then a report from Android and Me on Sony Ericsson’s latest device should get your fingers tingling with excitement. Following on from the 4” Xperia Play and 4.2” Xperia Arc, the company is believed to be working on a new Android handset with a vast 4.7” display - and not just any display either.

Keen to capitalise on the buzz generated by rivals such as the LG Thrill 4G (known also as the Optimus 3D outside in many markets) and HTC’s EVO 3D, the display on Sony Ericsson’s new handset will be capable of displaying glasses-free 3D content, and is believed to sport an impressive 1280x720p HD resolution as well.

Little more is known about the new device at this stage, although Gizmodo speculates that it may be a natural successor to the Xperia Play, which has so far received something of a lukewarm reception from critics and buyers alike. The prospect of a 3D PlayStation handset with such a high-resolution screen is rather tantalising – but until a few more facts come out about the new device, we’ll have to call that nothing more than wishful thinking.

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