Sony's Xperia S begins to receive Ice Cream Sandwich

The Xperia S was meant to be Sony's flagship Android phone for 2012. Boasting a 720p screen like the Galaxy Nexus, and 32GB of internal storage, the Xperia S was not a phone to be taken lightly. Until Sony announced it would be shipping with Android 2.3 instead of Android 4.0, like its competitors. Naturally this caused a great deal of confusion. The device was releasing in January 2012; the Nexus had been out since late 2011 so there had been time for Sony to get 4.0 running on their phone. For whatever reason though, they didn't, and owners were forced to stick with Gingerbread until they had Ice Cream Sandwich updates passed out.

Sony did keep their word though, and the Xperia S is receiving Ice Cream Sandwich now. The new software update has Sony's own UI layered over Android, instead of stock Holo, but it does include stock functionality alongside. The phone comes with Sony's own apps, such as Walkman and Movies. These apps do not come with Android 4.0 as standard, though their appeal will also be focused upon those who appreciate Sony's Timescape UI. The update is available over-the-air, though we'd recommend you avoid downloading it via your 3G connection. It weighs in at around 200MB, so could be a significant blow to your data limits.

If you've got an Xperia S, check for the update now and see if your phone is in line for the update it ought to have gotten before it was released. Now the Xperia S can be a worthy flagship for Sony's Xperia line. Their support team have also provided a video to give an outline of how the Xperia S looks when running Android 4.0, and some of the new features that the newer operating system offers.

Source: Slashgear

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