Spoils of War Unveiled

East Coast Games has distributed first information on their first project named Spoils of War. The game places players into a futuristic battle between Ematrants and Humans. Special features such as technological weapons, sorcery and many others are included. Below is the official "first information" released by East Coast Games.


  • Start your own game: Be one of four Battlefield Commanders and determine your team's strategy, build structures and weapons, manage resources, and provide instant instruction via chat. Or be one of 12 first-person characters and follow your commander's instructions to help your team to victory.

  • The engine designed for "Spoils of War" uniquely combines RTS with FPS to deliver speed, incredible 3D rendering, community, and scale in a high-contrast alien environment.

  • Create over 50 unique structures and units.

  • Wreak havoc by controlling deadly beasts, manning heavy artillery, commandeering vehicles, or using special powers.

  • Explore a diverse world of intense lighting, sound, and perspective.
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News source: IGN

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