Startup Radiospire Has Sights on Wireless HDTV

Startup Radiospire has thrown its hat into the world of wireless content transmission with its own cable-replacement technology for HDTVs. According to Paul Powers, the company's chief executive officer, the company has signed up an overseas ODM partner, and has "a purchase order from a major CE customer" due in 2008, whose name Powers and the company is withholding.

Technologies such as UWB and 802.11n are already competing for the living room; companies like T-Zero have also set their sights on replacing DTV wiring with wireless solutions. The Radiospire AirHook technology is another entrant, providing 1.7 GHz of bandwidth between 3.1-GHz and 4.8-GHz that the company says can be used to deliver uncompressed high-definition video. The company's technology has been approved for HDCP transmission, Powers said.

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