Staying out of the Loop (NVIDIA Loop error)


There has been a technical issue which has been discussed at length in the VIA Arena forums and in many other forums on the web of late, often known as the Infinite Loop or NV Loop/BSOD error.

What are the symptoms of this error?

The error normally occurs under a Direct3D or OpenGL application, on systems using a GeForce 2 or GeForce 3 video card with WinXP and the Nvidia detonator drivers 23.11 or 21.83. There are reports, however, of the issue occurring under Win2K. There are also reports of this occurring with ATI video cards but this has not been confirmed by VIA.

  • OpenGL- spontaneous reboot, hardware lockup or insufficient virtual memory error from WinXP
  • Direct 3D - Hardware lockup, BSOD with a message about an infinite loop error with a Nvidia driver
  • BSOD error message - this varies but refers to a problem with "nv4_disp.dll"

News source: Via Arena

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