Steam in-home streaming beta invites being sent out, user reactions mixed

While Steam Machines come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, they all share one limiting factor, their inability to play games that have not been modified to run on the linux-based SteamOS. Just recently, Valve sent out an unspecified amount of beta invitations to test out the technology it hopes will address this problem, in-home streaming. Many users have already shared their experiences via the Steam forums and the reactions, as might be expected in a beta, have been mixed.

Many users reported that while certain games worked fine, other games would not work at all. Others described stuttering and streaming during gameplay. Router related issues also appear to be common. Some have reported odd visual issues, as seen below.

Conversely, one user was able to successfully stream the Day Z beta to his TV, over 802.11g wireless no less.

Valve has a lot of time to work out the kinks, but it’s hard to imagine that Joe and Jane gamer will be willing (or even know how) to modify their router settings in order to allow in-home streaming to function. At least they have a large pool of potential testers to choose from.

Perhaps the best news is that you will not need to even purchase a Steam Machine to take advantage of this technology. If you’re lucky enough to get invited to the beta, you can test it out from one Windows PC to another. You can sign up for the beta here by joining the “Steam In-Home Streaming” group.

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