Steve Ballmer not leaving Microsoft anytime soon

Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft, has stated in not so many words that he's not intending to leave his current role in the near future. This comes as questions have been asked recently as to whether he's the right man for the job in a technology world that is rapidly changing. Neowin reported last month, of David Einhorn's comments that Ballmer needed to go to give someone else a chance, after the company's stock value has remained at a relative constant for several years.

Yesterday at the Seattle Rotary Club, Mr Ballmer made his thoughts reasonably clear that he had no intention of satisfying critics, with a majority of them being from Wall Street, by resigning as Chief Executive Officer of the company. After being asked by a publisher of the Northwest Asian Weekly as to his reaction to calls for him to step down, Ballmer simply responded by stating "YOU TELL ME if I lack energy or conviction, or we’re not driving all the change we need to drive." A sound clip, via GeekWire, is available for listening, in which the CEO made his response and answered a question on Windows 8.

Steve Ballmer stated in 2008 that he had intended at the time to stay on with Microsoft for another nine to ten years, however if he were to leave, some have suggested that Steven Sinofsky, who currently leads the Windows division, would be best placed to lead the company into the future.

Some unusual activity has been occurring though at Microsoft in the past week after the company's stock price has been higher than usual. Some have speculated that this was due to the potential departure of Mr Ballmer, however that reason seems less plausible now. More likely, it may be that Microsoft is planning to make either an acquisition or some other major announcement that is currently being kept tight lipped amongst the privileged few.

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