Steve Jobs sends Chilean miners iPods

The story of the Chilean miners is nothing short of extraordinary. After surviving the collapse of the mine and then surviving for 69 days underground, 33 men have quickly captured the hearts of all who followed this incredible rescue operation. 

For the men, who averaged about $1,600 a month working in the mine, this is has been a life changing experience on many levels. While book deals, movie deals and a generous singer giving each of them $10,000 all are on the list of things they have received, Steve Jobs has reportedly also sent each of them a brand new iPod, as reported by Reuters.     

The donation of the iPods does not distinguish if Steve Jobs made the donation or if Apple itself gave them the new iPods, but either way, it makes for good marketing. 

The events that unfolded in Chile, while traumatic for those who were trapped, has ended with the best possible outcome. All 33 miners have made it safely back to the surface after the nightmare that will surely go down as one of the greatest rescues of all time.

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