Still don't have 'Nodo'? Blame Microsoft

Things are not going so well for Microsoft's latest play into the mobile phone arena. After the launch of WP7, the infamous 'Nodo' update has been something of a unicorn to the end user.

While Microsoft has officially started pushing out the 'Nodo' update to non-branded phones, those who bought one with carrier subsidy could be waiting much longer for the actual update. But, the question remains, whose fault is it for the delay, is it the carrier or is it Microsoft? According to Winrumors, it is Microsoft's fault, at least for European carriers.

Information is being reported that carriers in the UK, specifically, Vodafone and Orange, state that the update has been approved but it is Microsoft who is holding back the rollout. Vodafone does not have a specific date when its users can expect to receive the update but Orange is saying that March 29 will be the day for its users to receive Nodo.

For those in the states, the outlook is not any better, in fact, it might be much worse. According to Microsoft, AT&T is still testing the February and March updates.

What exactly is happening and who is in control is an annoying reality when both Microsoft and the carrier fight for control. The end result is a poor user experience, something Microsoft can not afford to be tarnished with.

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