Study: IE10 is fast; Chrome most popular browser for Windows

The web browser wars continue with companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla and Opera all trying to convince PC users that they have the best program to surf the Internet. Today, a company called New Relic announced the results of a new study that shows both the popularity and the performance of current browsers, including the recently launched Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8.

In a new infographic, shown below, New Relic says that for Windows PCs, IE10 has the best performance, outpacing IE9 and other web browsers. Back in April, New Relic said that IE9 was the fastest web browser for Windows PCs. New Relic says that it came up with its results with its Real User Monitoring (RUM) feature which monitors 1.4 million web page views a day.

For all laptops and desktops, the Linux version of Chrome 19 is the fastest web browser, with IE10 for Windows 8 coming in eighth place.

In terms of popularity, Google's Chrome web browser is the most popular for Windows PCs, with New Relic claiming that it has 41 percent of the market share; IE has 35 percent, followed by Firefox with 21 percent. Opera is listed with just two percent of the Windows market share and Safari is dead last at one percent.

Source: New Relic | Image via New Relic

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