T-Mobile roadmap leaks; new 16-MP WP7, BlackBerrys and Androids?

T-Mobile's roadmap of new handset launches for the next few months has leaked, and it looks like Android and BlackBerry are leading the charge.

This Is My Next have managed to get their paws on their roadmap, and have leaked a load of juicy details for us to get excited about.

Sure, there’s a few routine and unremarkable devices here and there – the HTC Marvel, due in mid-July, is little more than a rebranded Wildfire S; and another HTC device launching in the same month is called “Doubleshot”, but it’s actually the new myTouch 4G Slide, and we’ve been waiting for that puppy for a while.

But there’s also a few gems in the line-up.

Good news for BlackBerry fans, with three new handsets due in the coming months. The BlackBerry “Monza” is first up at the end of July, with a 1.2GHz single-core Snapdragon and BlackBerry 7 for around $200; then August sees the launch of both the BlackBerry Bold Touch and “Apollo”, a new Curve-esque device with the traditional QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung’s Hercules leads the Android charge, with Android 2.3 (that’s Gingerbread flavour), a huge 4.5” Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.2GHz dual core Qualcomm processor and 1080p video capture, debuts at the end of September, but you might want to hold off on buying that Hercules.

There’s no firm launch date, but This Is My Next has heard tell of a new HTC Android handset called “G-Infinity”. They think it’s a successor to the T-Mobile G-series devices, so if you’re looking for a handset more suited to the power-user, that might be the one to wait for.

If, however, you’re a T-Mobile customer with a thing for Windows Phones, maybe the HTC Bresson is what you’re waiting for. Other than it being on T-Mo’s roadmap, scheduled for release sometime ‘beyond’ September, the guys from This Is My Next don’t know too much about this one, but pocketnow.com thinks they know exactly what it is.

They’re declaring the Bresson to be a new Windows Phone from HTC, with a mighty 16-megapixel camera round the back. The expected timeframe for the arrival of this device suggests it will be powered by Windows Phone 7.5 or “Mango”.

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