Tech car carries emotions on its bumper

Think you don't have enough of an emotional attachment to your car? A new vehicle developed by Japan's Toyota Motor and electronics giant Sony will smile, frown and cry, not to mention take your pulse and measure your sweat.

Called the "pod," the car, which has been designed to show emotion and learn from driver experience, will be on display for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show that begins next week.

"This concept car explores the potential for communication between people and their vehicle," Toyota said in preview information released on Thursday.

The face of the four seater, 1.5 litre engine pod has U-shaped grooves that light up to express emotion, the headlights positioned mid-way to look like eyes and side-mirrors positioned to look like ears.

When its owner approaches, it lights up a happy orange-yellow. Puncture a tire or run out of fuel, it lights up blue, complete with a display of tear-drops. Swerve sharply or brake too hard and the colour is an angry red.

News source: Reuters

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