Telltale shows off gameplay footage of The Walking Dead: The Final Season

A week ago, Telltale Games announced that The Walking Dead: The Final Season will kick off on August 14, bringing its famed point-and-click, narrative-based series to a close. Now, during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018, the company has shown off new gameplay footage for the title, also discussing some of the changes to be expected in this final chapter.

The Lead Writer at Telltale Games, James Windeler, was present on-stage with Clementine's voice actress, Melissa Hutchison, to discuss a few interesting aspects of the upcoming title. Although the video game publisher has approached its past games with a traditional quick time event (QTE) system of combat, this time around, it's going for something different with the introduction of "segments of unscripted combat". We also got to see the new over-the-shoulder camera system in action for the first time.

The final adventure for Clementine sees her return as the main protagonist, taking on the role of a leader at a secluded school, while watching over AJ - an orphaned boy who is the closest thing to family that she's got left.

The upcoming season's first episode will be launched on August 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a further three episodes to be released in the following months. A Switch version is also planned for later in the year.

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