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Is the message I got when I completed the Submit a Bug Report at Microsoft's support website. Contrary to the belief of many, Microsoft actually relies on these reports to release Service Packs and better products as a newer version of Windows gets ever closer to realization and Beta testing. We at have never had this link on our "Helpful Links" section (of the side-menu) but rest assured, give me 5 minutes and its there.

There are many knowledgeable people who lurk/interact on Neowin, it has only just began to sunk in that CEOs of some popular websites/programs also hang out here to see what's new and what is ticking over our visitors daily lives. The admin on Neowin is not one to pass up on the opportunity to submit a bug that really is a bug that needs sorting.

We posted a story yesterday on a tweak Winoscentral had dug up on Win2k and Winxp where one can bring up a dialog to manage accounts instead of using the "friendly" User Accounts screen, I thought Whooo! Hey! There are Power User accounts on Home Edition after all! And Group Management!

It turns out to be a bug and a nasty one at that, try adding a "Power User" to Home Edition and it will corrupt the whole user database (so you have been warned, don't do it! LOL) well it's submitted, and if YOU want to better Windows, request features and have your say on the next version of Windows, hit the link below.. And before y'all start. NO it's not the Media Wish thing we did ages ago. This is hardcore bug reporting.

News source: Microsoft Product Support (Submit a Bug)

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