The complete Matrix, announced

The hit film trilogy, The Matrix, will be released on DVD on the 12th December, in time for the festive season. Packed on to 10 DVDs (A record?), the disk will come in at the reasonable price of £44.99 (~$75). Note - it's unlikely that the US version will be that expensive, probably closer to the $50 mark.

The Disk will have The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded (extended version), and Matrix Revolutions; bonus material for each of the films in terms of behind the scenes footage, interviews, and general information. Also included is Animatrix. Finally, 3 disks with a more general slant and lots of other content, titled 'The Roots Of The Matrix', 'The Burley Man Chronicles', and 'The Zion Archive'. For more information on specific contents for these disks, see Digital Spy below.

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