'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker' Screens

2003 will see the return of Link in the new Legend of Zelda. The previous two games on the Nintendo 64 are frequently cited among the greatest games ever conceived, and the Gamecube version is even more remarkable. Join Link as he attempts to escape Monster Island, elude the guards and rescue his sister from the evil clutches of the feathered marauder. Check out these 50+ new screens ...

Link's facial expressions convey a wide range of emotion in real time; as he reacts to things that happen in the game, the player can relate as he or she experiences the same reaction. This game gives players the feeling that they are living in and interacting with an animated world - a world that in the past could only be observed from a distance. Other exciting new features include a spyglass that allows Link to zoom in on far-away objects, and a grappling hook that propels Link from place to place with a pendulum-like motion. A strikingly original graphical style means Link's never looked better.

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