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The Microsoft Designer AI art maker adds a new way to quickly restyle images

Microsoft designer

Microsoft Designer is the company's in-house AI art maker, based on OpenAI's DALL E 3 model. Today, the company announced a new feature for Designer that is supposed to help give its AI images more style.

in a post on the Microsoft 365 Insider blog, it describes the new feature, called Restyle Image. It states:

Restyle Image lets you reimagine, restyle and recreate your images in a new light by uploading an image, choosing from a set of styles (such as pop art, flat illustration, papercraft, stylized 3d, and more), and describing any customizations you want to see. You can easily turn your photos into stunning works of art!

To use it, sign onto your Microsoft account and then head over to the Designer website. You can then click on the new Restyle Image option on the home screen. Then upload a new image, or find an existing one you have already put into Designer via the My Media tab.

Then click on the Style tab and you will be able to see style categories and examples including Pop Art, Flat Illustration, Block Print, and many more.

Just pick a style you want to use and then click on the Generate selection. You should see four options to choose from, If you like one of them you can download it, or you can use the Edit option to make changes, such as adding some text to the art.

Microsoft does note a few current limitations on this feature. For example, for a photo of a person, its best to just have one person, rather than multiple people, in the photo when using Restyle Image. Also, the feature is only available in English, but other language support will be added in the future. Finally, Microsoft says that using Restyle Image could result in misspelled words if they are created with that AI artwork.

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