The Sims 2 undergoes Machinima makeover

With that brand-building spirit in mind, the series received some added weight behind it today. This morning, EA announced it was partnering with Rooster Teeth Productions to create movies based on The Sims 2 game. These movies will employ the use of the onboard tools that are available to all owners of the game. It seems that having the title "publisher of the best-selling PC game franchise of all time" isn't enough for Electronic Arts. When it comes to The Sims, building the brand never stops.

Setting an example for The Sims 2 gamers who are interested in creating machinima (wherein games are used to create digital videos), EA has hired Rooster Teeth to create a series of machinima that will be posted on a dedicated Web site,

The first movie from Rooster Teeth went live on the site this morning.

The movies are designed to instruct and inspire Sims 2 gamers to dig in and use the tools available to them. Lucy Bradshaw, executive producer of the game, said in a statement, "The movies we've seen from [Rooster Teeth], so far, are amazing. We look forward to showing players out there just how much you can do with our game. The possibilities are endless." Gamers will recognize the Red vs Blue team as the one that previously tapped Halo as fodder for its playful approach to machinima moviemaking.

News source: GameSpot

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