The Sun continues attack on Nintendo 3DS

British newspaper The Sun has been accused of continuing its attack against the Nintendo 3DS, following the device's release in the UK a few weeks ago. Journalist Rob Fahey has gone as far as to dub the attack a "vendetta" through his Twitter account, and MCV editor Ben Parfitt has also expressed his anger at The Sun's inaccurate reports.

According to MCV, the stories began with a claim that the 3DS had seen a record number of returns, following customer dissatisfaction with the new console. Retailers Game and HMV were quick to deny the report, with Game claiming that they had "fewer than five complaints", and HMV not having offered any refunds.

Today's new story carries the headline "Nintendo 3DS is game for a barf", and features a doctor carrying out an experiment on a 22-year-old as he plays a selection of games. "If this was your resting rate, I'd recommend you saw a GP about high blood pressure," expert advice recommended. An increase in blood pressure and a faster pulse while playing were pointed to as being indicators of serious health issues linked to playing with the console.

Previously, Sun Business Editor Steve Hawkes hinted at a link between Head of Communications Rob Saunders' departure and the supposed health risks associated with the 3DS. On his Twitter account, he asked "surely he can't be blamed for gamers being made ill by the new 3D DS?!" While it is unclear if The Sun have any reason behind their 3DS attack beyond sensationalist attention-grabbing headlines, the inaccurate reports appear to have been ignored by the wider media.

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