Third Parties Offer IE Vulnerabilites Protection

Software being offered for free by third party companies is giving users the latest protection against current Internet Explorer Vulnerabilites.

Security outfit Secunia recently announced three new vulnerabilites with Internet Explorer. Microsoft have issued advice (read more for help on safe computing and tips to protect yourself) and told us that they were aware of the exploit; "Microsoft is currently working on an update to address these vulnerabilities". However, according to Thierry Zoller, his Secure-it application protects against these latest vulnerabilities and can protect against future problems before the vendor (Microsoft) patches them.

The Secure-It application allows users to harden Local Zone Security (My Computer) settings, proactively disable scripting or Active-X controls which proved potential propagation vectors in the past and reduce potential intrusion vectors by disabling non used services. Available as a free download the application may proove handy for users who are worried about the recent security threats with Internet Explorer. As usual, Microsoft advises users to wait for the patch, but as users have been waiting since October 2004, this might prove a wait too long for some.

View: Secure-It

View: Three New Internet Explorer Vulnerabilites

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