This is our first look at Google's upcoming Nexus "Sailfish" phone

Google is expected to unveil two new Nexus phones later this year, built in collaboration with HTC. They’re codenamed “Marlin” and “Sailfish”, and we’ve seen their leaked specs a number of times before, but now, leaked images claim to show the real devices in the flesh.

The two devices are rumored to be almost identical to one another, differing only in size when it comes to overall design. A few specs are also expected to be different, but in general, there doesn’t seem to be a “cheap” Nexus prepared for this year. Instead, both devices are expected to offer high-end specs and metallic bodies.

According to our friends over at Android Police, who have leaked a lot of info regarding the two upcoming devices, the image you see above depicts the Sailfish. The authors of the report are quoting sources inside the industry, who say that they are “100% positive” on which device is pictured. This is the smaller of the two phones, featuring a 5-inch screen. Though the Marlin is expected to be somewhat bigger, it’ll supposedly look very much the same in its design.

And speaking of design, there’s no denying that if this is the handset that Google is intending to launch, it was heavily inspired by Apple’s iPhones. From the curved corners, to the antenna band, to the rounded edges, everything is reminiscent of recent iPhone models. That’s not to say this is an exact clone though, because the back features some major differences: a fingerprint sensor, similar to the one found on last year’s Nexus models. Then there’s the shiny third of the backplate, which reportedly features a glass build. It’s an interesting design choice, especially if it also offers some sort of functionality to go along with the aesthetic.

Finally, the handset seen above seems to be the same one that was leaked yesterday by an anonymous Twitter user. The image seems to show the as-of-yet-unbranded device being used in a real-life setting.

The two new Nexus phones are expected to be unveiled in the months ahead, with Google also launching Android 7.0 Nougat at the same time as the phones.

Source: Android Police

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