Ubisoft Far Crying to Xbox 360, PS3

In August, game rental outfit GameFly broadcast Ubisoft's covert battle plans for Far Cry 2 over open airways. Though announced exclusively for the PC in July, the open-world shooter would apparently also be coming to the Xbox 360. Thunder stolen, Ubisoft today officially announced Far Cry 2 for the Xbox 360 and revealed that a PlayStation 3 edition was in the works as well.

Leaving behind the lush, tropical environments of its predecessor, Far Cry 2 travels to the strife-ridden continent of Africa, where players attempt to assassinate an international arms dealer as one of 12 unique mercenaries. As noted in GameSpot's preview of the game from last year's Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, Ubisoft's Montreal studio has built Far Cry 2's engine from the ground up. The game features reactive gameplay elements that respond to the player's actions and an organic environment that seeks to heavily utilize lifelike physics.

View: Ubisoft Far Crying to Xbox 360, PS3 | Far Cry 2 First Look
News source: GameSpot

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