UK has 3 million broadband punters

The UK has more than three million broadband punters, according to official figures released today. Of course, Oftel's definition of broadband - and hence its arrival at this important milestone - is generous to say the least and refers to always-on Internet connections offering download speeds of between 128 kbit/s and 2 mbit/s.

Some critics claim this woolly definition from an equally woolly (and soon to be extinct) watchdog merely fudges the figures. Indeed, the prickly matter of a "meaningful" industry-wide definition of broadband was discussed at some length during last month's broadband inquiry by the Trade and Industry Select Committee. In particular, the Consumers' Association (CA) said punters needed a clear definition of broadband to prevent them from being misled, insisting that there is "widespread confusion about the term 'broadband'".

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News source: The Reg

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