UK to outlaw "stand-by" buttons

Readers in the UK will be well aware of the government's recent focus on energy consumption and now they're going one step further and imposing an outright ban on stand-by buttons on remote controls in a bit to save energy.

The country is hoping to switch off fossil-fuels and turn on environment-friendly methods of generating power, but shows an equal interest in saving energy around the house. According to a report, the average British household uses 8% of its total energy usage by leaving electrical devices on stand-by.

TVs, DVD players and video recorders will no longer be left in electronic-purgatory, as the government imposes harsh-but-fair tactics on electronics manufacturers. Other devices that found their way onto the end of the government's hitlist included lighting, set-top boxes, chargers, fridges, freezers, washing machines and PCs.

The government insisted that all of these devices must be re-designed with energy efficiency in mind.

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