UPDATE: w00t! ISO Powertoy here!

Weeeeee! GOTT a regular here at Neowin got his greasy mits on the previously un-released ISO burner Powertoy! Don't ask me how he got it, I don't want to know, but you got it right here Neowin.


  • Supports .ISO format

  • Context menu intergration


    After installing, to use simply select an ISO file and right click on it. The first option will be "Copy image to CD" then you will be presented with a wizard to continue the process.

    Update: Everybodies! I NEVER said this was a Microsoft Powertoy did I? ;) this was actually made by Alex Feinman and is based on the idea that ISO Burner powertoy had. This was kindly pointed out by an anonymous source who anonymously told me this and wants to stay anonymous! so now you know.

    Download: ISO Burner Powertoy @ Neowin

    Download: ISO Burner Powertoy Neowin Mirror 2

    Screenshot: Context menu

    Screenshot: ISO Powertoy Wizard

    News source: Alex Feinman website

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