Upvoted is the new face of Reddit

Reddit is important. The community-based site allows anyone to relay information from around the world to readers on one web site. The site is so popular that tech giants like Microsoft have used the site to break news and answer questions on multiple occasions. The world of Reddit can be tough waters to navigate, though, which is perhaps why the folks in charge of the site decided to create Upvoted: a news site that sources from the pages of Reddit.

Launching today (10/7), Upvoted will become the new face of Reddit. You'll be able to keep pace with the trending topics that occur on Reddit without having to wade through the seemingly-endless waves of threads and comments. Where Reddit is messy and convoluted, Upvoted will be clean and navigable.

Upvoted will be run by a small group of writers that will stay in touch with the pulse over on Reddit and translate topics into news stories. The team will be headed up by Vickie Chang, former Myspace Editorial Director, who will work with a team of ten to vet original Reddit stories through interviews and fact checks to then post the stories on the news site.

Unlike Reddit, these news stories will not have comment capabilities. For those that wish to discuss stories, they'll have to continue to take their thoughts and arguments onto the parent site, which will have a dedicated forum and link from the news story page. Stories that surface on Upvoted are said to not get preferential treatment on Reddit, though some advertising may occur.

Reddit has seen its share of personnel changes, international censorship and back-end changes this year, but the news of a Reddit-fueled news site sounds like a surefire success given that other news agencies are poaching stories from the pages of Reddit. Creating Upvoted will help keep readers local and continue to grow ad sales for Reddit.

Source: Wired

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