Use a screen protector with the Microsoft Band or you will scratch the display like I did

If you are going to buy a Microsoft Band, make sure you use the screen protector that comes with your purchase as the display will scratch easily. I have been using our device for the better part of one day on the inside of my wrist and there are already scratches showing up.

You can see the small scratches in the above image below the 31 on the display; while they are small, there are a couple of them in that location.

This isn't a huge surprise as I am sliding the display around on my desk as I type but seeing them show up so quickly does make it seem like the display is not all that strong. While the scratches are small, it's now obvious why Microsoft is including a screen protector with all new purchases.

The included protector will prevent your device from being damaged, at least in the screen department, but our review unit did not ship with one. Seeing that I find wearing it on the inside of the wrist to be more comfortable than on top, it was only a matter of time before scratches showed up.

Besides this inconvenience, the device has worked quite well and the battery is running on 7 hours now and has not shown any serious signs of running out. We will keep you posted as we work towards our final review that will be published in the next week or so.

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