Valve reveals two new Dota 2 heroes at The International, Void Spirit and Snapfire

It's Day 5 of The International 2019, the main event of the largest Dota 2 tournament that returns every year with increasingly larger prize pools - current pot is at over $34 million. Just like last year, Valve had two new heroes to unveil for the MOBA title during the event, with Snapfire being announced yesterday and Void Spirit today.

Unlike last year, however, both heroes are still in development, so Dota 2 players will have to wait sometime to get their hands on the duo. No information hasn't been released about their roles or powers either, though the cinematic trailers do give out some hints.

Snapfire is a gun-wielding old woman riding into battle on top of her trusty fire breathing lizard. This looks to be a support hero judging by the focus on the cookies she can feed allies for a buff of some kind.

Meanwhile, the newly revealed Void Spirit had even less information revealed about him, other than that he's the fourth Spirit brother, joining Storm, Ember, and Earth, to enter Dota 2 that fans have been speculating about for some time now. From the trailer, it looks like this hero could come with an inbuilt blink or maybe enter some sort of an invulnerable state by accessing the void.

There aren't fixed release dates attached to the new heroes but Valve says they will be out and playable in Dota 2 in fall 2019.

Valve may still be holding onto some more announcements for the final day of the tournament which kicks off tomorrow, August 25. The company hasn't shied away from even announcing a new game during the show in the past. Those interested can catch The International 2019 - set in China this year - when it goes live for the final day at 7PM PT on its Twitch channel here.

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