Virgin Media launches 4G in the UK with free WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger data

Virgin Media has finally launched 4G mobile in the UK. While there’s nothing staggering about the prices, customers will get a few nice perks. Those who pick up a Virgin Media SIM will be allowed free messaging on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and have the ability to “rollover” unused data to the next month.

The free data for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger covers all forms of data used by these services including sending messages, pictures and videos. One caveat with regards to the free WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger data is that you'll still need some data left in your bundle to be able to use them; if you run out of data, you'll be charged an additional £2 per day when you use online services including those messaging apps.

The new pricing for data plans are:

  • 300 minutes, unlimited texts, 300MB data – £6
  • 1500 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data – £9
  • 2500 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB – £12
  • 2500 minutes, unlimited texts, 4GB – £15
  • 5000 minutes, unlimited texts, 20GB – £25

Managing Director of Mobile at Virgin Media, Peter Kelly, said:

“Virgin Media’s new mobile plans are fast, flexible and filled with data. By offering free messaging on WhatsApp and Messenger we’re making sure that Virgin Media customers never have to worry about messaging friends or family and if there’s data left over at the end of the month then we’ve got that covered too. With 4G out customers have a quicker way to browse, message, stream and play wherever they are.”

Virgin Media is late to the 4G party. In the UK, EE launched 4G way back in 2012. Since then, other operators have rolled out 4G on their networks.

Source: Virgin Media

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