Visionaries see flexible computers using less power

Computers will be more flexible, intelligent, and require less power by the end of the decade, according to engineering groups that met here to ponder the future of computing.

Members of the Information Technology Organization in the VDE (Association of German Engineers) and the Information Science Association (GI) concluded that the guts of computers would continue to be silicon based. "Moore's Law will remain in effect for about ten more years," said Christian M¼ller-Schloer, a University of Hanover professor and one of the speakers for the work group.

Other experts said nano-quantum and neuro-computers remain far from the mainstream of computing. However, nanotechnology will have made the greatest advance over the course of the decade. Experts predicted it would play a role in advancing chip technology by providing new processes for wiring chips.

Perhaps the biggest change seen by experts is the pervasiveness of computers that can communicate over networks. Computers will be embedded in many more devices, and most will communicate over wireless networks. "Bluetooth has established a good initial position as the standard procedure for the future," M¼ller-Schloer said.

News source: ebn - Visionaries see flexible computers using less power

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