Vista vs. Freeware Security Apps

The BBC's resident technology feature, Click, has released another (somewhat dumbed down yet informative) piece regarding Vista and how it will differ from the XP of today.

Much of it has been said before, much of it will be said again but the interesting point raised by the article relates to how Vista will restrict the way data is written to the hard drive. It simply won't just write anywhere - making the whole operating system generally far more stable, reliable and less prone to attack.

Indeed, in theory malware won't be able to harm your PC - at least not in the way it used to.

Add to the fact that Microsoft is keeping very schtum about the technical details over how it all works, the small independent free security application providers feel like they're losing out.

Zone Labs, AVG, AntiVir - more popular than ever, criticised by the big security companies and now, to quote the Click article: "are having to hack Windows so they can get close enough to protect it."

Is this the end for the free Antivirus? Le firewall gratis? The small-time, widely-popular, easy-on-the-pocket companies giving us what the big boys give us for free?

But of course; provided Microsoft delivers that level of security then we've got nothing to worry about, right?


View: BBC Click: Concerns over security software

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